Kuadrant Community

Welcome to the Kuadrant community, where we're working to bring together Gateway API and Open Cluster Management to help you manage, scale, load-balance and secure your Ingress Gateways as a key part of your application connectivity, in a single cluster or the multi-cluster Kubernetes environments.

Events and Meetings Calendar

We hold community meetings periodically, the details of which can be viewed below:

Source Code

Kuadrant is an Open Source project, licensed under Apache License 2.0. Source can be found on the Kuadrant GitHub organisation.

Mailing List

We use a mailing list hosted by Google Groups to communicate as a community, answer questions, exchange ideas and make announcements about the project. Once subscribed, you can email the mailing list by sending an email to kuadrant@googlegroups.com.

To subscribe, send an email to kuadrant+subscribe@googlegroups.com
To unsubscribe, send an email to kuadrant+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com

Issue Tracking & Bugs

We use GitHub to track project bugs, enhancement requests and to do feature planning.

The Kuadrant project is made up of a range of components, each with their own issue trackers. You can find all of these by navigating to a specific component, and looking at its respective Issues.

Getting Involved

We welcome new contributors to the project, be you a seasoned multi-cluster networking expert, or someone new who is looking to improve some wonky documentation you come across. Many of our respositories include variants of a good-first-issue label for issues that might be good to start with.

Thinking about some initial contributions?

Consider fixing some bugs, trying Kuadrant and telling us about your experience or helping us hone our documentation.

Social Media

You can find us on:

Security Disclosures

If you wish to make a responsible security disclosure, please email kuadrant-security@googlegroups.com.

See also security.txt.

Code of Conduct

The Kuadrant Community code of conduct is available from the following link.